An early foray into entrepreneurship, these cards were made many years ago through Echo Letterpress in Jeffersonville, NY.  They were a response to a need – to have apology cards for those moments when you go a little nuts, which were clean and simple and appropriate for many audiences.  The cards were sold for a bit on Etsy, and in a few little local markets – but never made it into any retail stores.  Instead, they allowed us to learn a lot about how retail works, pricing for retail, and the challenges with having a single product as opposed to a larger product line.  The final 90 cards sat gathering dust for a few years until we learned enough about Amazon to realize that it was a great home for them.  Now they sell slowly but steadily to ‘crazy’ customers across the U.S.

"Sorry I Went Crazy" apology card
A simple, clean apology card for those moments where life gets the better of you and you lose your sanity for a moment. High-quality letterpress type on natural white card stock, together with a kraft paper envelope, makes the card universally appealing.
The card is 3 1/2 x 4 7/8 and the envelope is 3-5/8" x 5-1/16".
$7.99 USD on (SOLD OUT)
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