Have you ever set a favourite song as your alarm clock alert, only to find yourself cringing when you hear the song played later on the radio?  That’s Pavlov’s theory. The human brain begins to associate things that it often experiences together.  I (Heather) passed my Pysch101 class with a 53% grade…so I won’t try to explain the science beyond that.  But we did feel like that negative association that your brain creates between waking up, and the thing that woke you, could be a powerful tool.  Enter, Kick Clock.  Kick Clock is an alarm clock app that uses the horrible feeling of being woken up in the morning to help you kick a bad habit.  Upload a photo of junk food, or a cigarette, or an ex.  When your alarm goes off, you will see that photo and, over time, your brain begin to develop a negative association. After a bad app-building experience with Quimby, Kick Clock allowed us to ‘get back on the app horse’.  It also allowed us to explore app development offshore (in our case, in Croatia).  The app is still being tinkered with – so no real awareness push has happened yet.  Stay tuned!
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