Before the days of SnapChat, there was Quimby.  (Actually, we launched around the same time, but before most of us had heard of SnapChat…)  Quimby was a messenger app where the messages you sent would self-destruct at a time set by the sender. Hear some radio press we got on Flow 93.5 here.  Quimby was a lesson in bad partnerships.  The app development company was uncooperative, and the final product they delivered wasn’t up to the standard that it needed to be.  And, due to a (stupid) 50/50 partnership arrangement, everything stalled from there.  Lesson learned.  Plus side?  An email exchange with Mark Cuban – who we reached out to so he could apply our learnings to Cyberdust.  When we first emailed he noted that he had heard of Quimby (!) and had wondered what had happened to it.  Mark Cuban had heard of our app!  That’s something!  #LemonadeFromLemons.
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