Another strong lesson in ‘what not to do’, the Screw U necklace was a great introduction to IP protection – how to get it, and where to skip it!  The design itself was a reaction to the super-popular horseshoe necklaces, altered a bit to suit a slightly more edgy wearer.  The initial plan (after learning through the Sorry I Went Crazy Cards that it is extremely challenging to get a single product into retail) was to license the idea to a larger jewelry company.  Before presenting the idea to designers, it seemed to make sense to get protection.  We secured a (not inexpensive) design patent, and then realized how few brands will even entertain the idea of licensing a design – let alone licensing a design by an unknown designer.  Luckily, an amazing Toronto-based jewelry brand called Haathi House has a line that fits perfectly with our design, and they open to discussions.  So, the Screw U necklace, in all its protected glory, lives in the world.  In gold.  Bling bling.
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