The charity
A friend of ours co-founded The Diaper Bank of Toronto in 2010, a charity that collects donated diapers and distributes them free-of-charge to low-income households in Toronto through existing food banks, daycare centres, social service agencies and shelters. 1 in 4 children in Toronto live in poverty and these families are at risk or have experienced diaper need. In fact, 1 in 5 Canadian mums has experienced diaper need. 

The design strategy
We are huge fans of the charity and wanted to help out with an update of their logo and eventually a brand system. Knowing that they had a lot of existing materials (mailers, posters and banners) and weren't in a position to replace everything immediately, we wanted to develop a logo that could live alongside existing collateral in the short term. And so we decided to maintain the diaper pin logo element, as well as their blue and orange colour pallet.

The design
With so few characters, and the desire to incorporate the diaper pin, we developed a custom typeface, and updated the colours to something more vibrant and impactful.
Original (existing) logo:
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